Chia Seeds from a Mint ?

Chia seeds are a South American seed from the mint family. They were used by the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures as a food for increasing energy and endurance (the ancient Mayan word “chia” means strength!)

Essential fats
Chia seeds are a true super food (high density nutrition), one the highest vegetable sources of omega 3 fats, an essential nutrient needed for proper functioning of the nervous system, brain, the heart , blood and hormonal/endocrine systems. Omega 3 fats are vital in the proper development of children and are highly recommended during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Over a third of chia seed mass is made up of fiber, which makes it one of the highest fiber foods in the world. Chia contains a special soft vegetable fibre that swells up in water, making the chia seeds both filling and lower in calories. Fibre also helps to make foods lower GI, as they slow absorption of sugars.

Soft vegetable fibre is also an important food for the “friendly” bacteria in your gut, which are essential for digestive health.

Chia seeds are also very high in anti-oxidants. Anti oxidants are chemical “buffers” that protect against the destructive effects of oxidation. The high levels in chia seeds protect the delicate oils in the seeds keeping them fresh and functioning. Anti-Oxidants can help to protect the body from the oxidative effects of toxins.

A good source of protein. Chia seeds are 14% protein making them a great nutritional food for vegetarians. Proteins can help stabilize blood sugars and can help to keep you full between meals.

Paleo diet and chia seeds
Chia seeds are a perfect compliment to the paleo diet, unlike grains chia seeds are soothing nourishing and anti inflammatory for the digestive tract. The paleo diet generally advocates having more protein, and chia seeds unlike grain are very high in bio available protien. Along with this, their taste and texture make them the perfect solution for a quick and easy paleo breakfast cereal.

As you can see chia seeds are well worthy of the name “superfood”

100mg of chia seeds contain on average –

  • Fiber: 38 grams.

  • Protein: 14 grams.

  • Fat: 31.5 grams (5 of which are Omega-3s).

  • Calcium 631 mg

  • Phosphorus 948mg

  • Magnesium 335mg

  • Potassium 160 mg

  • Zinc 3.5mg


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