About Us

Our products and services are direct, functional and effective, promoting vitality, strength and happiness on all levels.

"Enabling a positive state of wellbeing.."


The Company

Kalti is a 100% Australian owned company, and was established in 2015 with the view of making a difference to the community through functional product. Since then Kalti has undergone a transformation with the addition of practitioners who have the depth of knowledge  and expertise in their respective fields in the industry.  Each bring a unique perspective and passion that compliments each other; allowing the creation of new pathways of creating product with the use of natural whole ingredients.

Kalti is the spearhead, delivering natural functional product that delivers value. A healthy lifestyle is complimented by accessible raw foods, at Kalti we understand this with extensive hands on work with elite athletes and corporate health programs. Our team is focused on the health and wellbeing of self and the sharing of our wellness knowledge through premium functional products. 

Our product range are all made from the highest quality ingredients. We ensure that our products are all made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial colouring and or preservatives. Our manufacturing facilities operate under strict hygiene conditions and regular testing is conducted to ensure each batch of product meets the required specifications and regulatory standards.  All of our products are manufactured and packed under ISO Standards and are fully certified and are export ready. 

Our products are distributed in China, Indonesia, USA and Philippines. Locally we can also be found in  over 130 specialty stores in Australia.

Our product development team have some upcoming products that will be new to market and are focused on other members of the family.

Kalti Co-Owns a Manuka Farm and Agri-Tech is looking to be in production in 2024.