• 1 of 5 Pillars Of Vital Health - Enhance Hormones

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1 of 5 Pillars Of Vital Health - Enhance Hormones

2 of 5 Pillars Of Vital Health - Supporting Adrenals

3 of 5 Pillars Of Vital Health - Cleansing Toxins

4 of 5 Pillars Of Vital Health - Gut and Detoxification

5 of 5 Pillars Of Vital Health - Protection From Oxidation and Inflammation

Secrets To Feeling Young

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From the moment we are born, the body is constantly repairing and regenerating damaged and worn out tissues, organs and cells; bringing life and vitality back to our bodies. So why does this stop and why do we age. There are many reasons that make the body age and if we make the right choices in our diet and lifestyle we can certainly increase the bodies regenerative abilities.

Powerstart range was formulated on the basis of those 5 pillars and to be the most nutritionally dense breakfast possible, attaining the highest possible amounts of protein, omega fats and anti-oxidants.

Here at Kalti we believe that through nutrition and food, you will be able to take the first step towards maintaining Vital Health and Longevity.

Powerstart was formulated to be the most nutritionally dense breakfast possible. The goal was to have all of the most important nutrients and the ones most deficient in a modern diet in one meal, to ensure they were consumed daily - Protein, omega 3 fats, prebiotics, anti-oxidants, microminerals. A formula that would increase energy, metabolism and fat loss, balance moods, control inflammation and oxidation, decrease food cravings, boost hormones, increase mental function and mental health and support digestion and detoxification functions.

Naturopathically developed for maximum active nutrition:

Omega 3 fats – Immune, brain, heart and cellular health.

Prebiotic fibre – strengthens digestive lining , enhances good bacteria, improves immune function and controls inflammation.

Proteins – increase metabolism and energy, balance blood sugar, build lean muscle support the endocrine (hormonal) system.

Enliven your whole body with these amazing super-food breakfast blends. Many experts agree Powerstart is the ultimate nutritional breakfast muesli blend. We have spared nothing in developing these blends using the most nutritious, raw, unprocessed superfood available. Our range of grain free functional muesli blends was its purpose made to deliver the highest possible nutrient profile. Blending superfoods with nutrient rich nuts and seeds the powerstart range is for people who really care about their health want more energy and want to live an active and healthy life.

Powerstart Powerfood Muesli - A quick, easy, and delicious blend utilizing all the best super nutrient foods – bee pollen, acai, pomegranate, Blue berries, with the highest quality super seeds and nuts.

Super high levels of nutrients
Eating smaller portions of highly nutritious foods, makes you feel lighter and more alive. Nutrients for humans is like fertilizer for plants, every part of your body gets healthier, stronger and more vibrant; Diseases decrease, vitality increases.

High levels of anti oxidants
Anti oxidants are often what gives foods their natural colouring and the reason why so many super foods have such rich colours i.e. Blue berry, Goji berry, Acai berry and Cacao. Anti oxidants protect the body from oxidants which can impair cellular metabolism (energy and fat burning), accelerate the ageing process and damage DNA.

High mineral content (especially nuts and seeds)
Minerals are the foundation for cellular function and micro minerals often found in super foods can have profound
Effects on cellular health by stimulating positive DNA expression.

Disclaimer : The information on this website is not intended as medical advice or to be used for treatment of any disease or condition. It is for your information only and any decisions you make regarding your health should be made in partnership with a qualified health care professional.