Bite Size Nutritional Bomb

Extremely nutritionally packed, nuts and seeds are true super foods and should be a stable in any paleo diet.

  • Low sugar content

  • Low carbohydrates

  • High in healthy oils

  • High in protein

  • High in minerals

This ratio of nutrients gives the body what it needs to support metabolism, balance blood sugars, build muscle, produce hormones, control inflammation and protect the heart and arteries.

The low carbohydrate and sugar content can help to decrease sugar cravings and insulin resistance.
Very high in minerals and micronutrients, nuts and seeds support the very foundation of health.

Traditionally nuts and seeds have been used to strengthen the body and improve energy. In Chinese medicine, the strengthening and building nature of nuts and seeds is said to increase the body’s ability to deal with stress, whether it be from work, exercise or recovery from illness.

The omega 3 oils found in very high levels in Chia and Flax seeds have been shown in many studies to have profound effects on overall health; particularly in the cardiovascular and nervous (brain) systems.

Nuts and seeds are the start of life, they contain everything needed for generating growth and development, they are true super foods.
Try adding nut and seeds to your paleo breakfasts and smoothies to boost up your levels of omega essential fats.


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