Superfoods - Fad or Trend

There has been a recent increase in popularity of superfoods.  Here are some reasons to their popularity.

Super high levels of nutrients

Eating smaller portions of highly nutritious foods, makes you feel lighter and more alive. Nutrients for humans is like fertilizer for plants, every part of your body gets healthier, stronger and more vibrant; Diseases decrease, vitality increases.

High levels of anti oxidants

Anti oxidants are often what gives foods their natural colouring and the reason why so many super foods have such rich colours i.e. Blue berry, Goji berry, Acai berry and Cacao. Anti oxidants protect the body from oxidants which can impair cellular metabolism (energy and fat burning), accelerate the ageing process and damage DNA.

High mineral content (especially nuts and seeds)

Minerals are the foundation for cellular function and micro minerals often found in super foods can have profound effects on cellular health by stimulating positive DNA expression.

Super foods are an easy and natural way to boost your nutrition, energy and general wellbeing.


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